Build a habit, change your life

I am a big fan of habits.  Small shifts for lasting change = my jam. Time goes by too fast and it is easy to get lost and not accomplish what you set out to do.

This is why a habit is a beautiful thing.

Once it is established it takes no willpower (a valuable resource) to complete.

The most impactful habit I built in 2013 was a practice around gratitude.  Gratitude is cool because it helps you look at the world differently.  I think it gives me space to be less reactive, to be able to handle stress better, and to enjoy life more.

All it took was a few minutes a day.

I put a journal and pen on my dresser right next to my bed.  Every night before I went to bed I wrote down 3 things I was grateful for - they could be big or small, general or specific, it didn't matter.  The point was that I did it, that I wrote it down, that I was consistent.  I liked doing it at night because even if I had a crappy day I could find something that went right like a beautiful sky - that I was breathing - my internet connection - anything really.

Try it out, see if you notice a change.  A habit doesn't need to be big to be effective, it just needs to be consistent.