I made a typo yesterday

Typos are lame...

...and somewhat unavoidable if you are me. 

My superpower is NOT proofreading. I fail at grammar and punctuation and my life is made better by spellcheck. 

Yesterday, my friend pinged me "Annette, did you mean to say 'BENG' versus 'BEING'?" 


No I did not.

This typo was located in my newsletter, not on my site where such things are fixable. It was my first sentence, in caps, in bold, and when I realized I had made an error I felt the wash of embarrassment and the warm flush of shame.

But then I took a moment and thought about a couple things.

  1. Thing one. I'd rather be done than perfect. I preach the act of doing, starting, going, and building. In my world I'd rather create than create perfectly. Which means, typos are bound to happen. 
  2. Thing two. BRAINS ARE COOL! They fill in the gaps. I re-read my post a number of times and did not see the typo because my brain (tricky brain) was filling in the error. It is why we can still read this.
  3. Thing three. I got great feedback on my post. Another friend of mine read the content, enjoyed what I had to say, and didn't even mention the typo. Which means FLAWS AND ALL the message still got out. Which is a great metaphor for life ;)

So, yes, typos are lame. And yes, I will strive even harder to make sure they do not occur, but having them happen is human. Which means it is ok. Not everyone will agree with me, there are PLENTY of people that cannot hear the message when it is contained in a typo ridden case. And that is okay too. 

So, I'm curious, would you rather have perfect or finished?