Smile (It's Magic)


I hate it when people tell me to smile.

Sometimes you just have resting face (may it be bitchy or not) and you just happen to be going through your day, walking to work, getting a coffee and someone shouts from the sidelines:  "AY! You dropped something!!!" dramatic pause "your smile..." 

Kill me. However...

They might be on to something.
Smiling is actually magic. 

That's right, pure magic. You can read it about here and more about it here.


Smiling is kinda like fake it till you make it. Just the act of painting a smile on your face sets off a whole bunch of cool stuff in your brain to actually make you think "whoa, I feel a bit better about this whole life thing" and acts to decrease stress. 

Added bonus, it appeals to other people in a genuine I'd like to get to know that safe looking person over there, kind of way. 

A while back and a few jobs ago I was none too pleased with my work situation. I felt like I was drowning and pretty stressed out. A co-worker came up to me and said "Don't let them take your smile." Those words stuck with me. 

Don't ever let 'em take your smile.

It is magic.