I would like to eat all the cereal

I love cereal. Love it.

I remember watching cartoons and digging into bowl after bowl.

Eating it by the gallon in college. A versatile food serving as a snack, a breakfast, a lunch, or a dinner. 

I remember coming home a little (okay maybe a lot) tipsy from the bars back in my twenties and being so proud for grabbing the cereal versus a pizza. And. Just. Chowing. Down.

So many delightful cereal memories. 

My super big weakness is Fruity Pebbles a serving size is 3/4th cup which yields about 10 servings per box.




I have never experienced a reality in which I could get 10 servings out of my box o' pebbles.

And this is the big reason why I do not indulge in cereal. It is a trigger for me, I also don't think it is the best choice for getting quality nutrition into the body, but most important it is a trigger.

Do you know your triggers?

How do you choose to interact with them?