One Choice You Can Make To Radden Up Your Day

Do you want to supercharge your day?

Maybe you don't, and that's cool, I'll chat with you later.

If you do, how do you approach it? Email me, I'm curious.

My tip. 



No. Not really, but it is effective.

A lot of us approach our day with kind of a haphazard I will survive mentality and push through. That's fine. I am not going to kick it out of bed, but if you are looking to get more out of your day INTENTION can be magical.

So what do I mean. You can boil it down to presence and attitude. 

Presence. Have the intention to BE WHERE YOU ARE.

Put your things down and focus on who or what is in front of you. Exhausting, right? The more you do it, the easier, AND (bonus) the more rewarding.

Listen to Louis CK on this one: 

Attitude. Choose an intention for the day. 

Example: Today I am going to focus on levity and play.

Apply it by remembering the intention throughout the day.

Crappy meeting? How can you find levity in the situation?

Maybe you can go all big bad world and realize how tiny that meeting is in comparison to say... a hurricane. Or an earthquake. Or think about the vastness of space.

Or maybe Office Space will help (and be amused by the muting of 'bad words'): 

When you find yourself lost choosing an intention or choosing to have intention can work wonders.

I promise.