I was so sick last week

Sickness is no joke.

There is the good and the bad of it. The good, for me, was that I was so so so utterly sick that I could. not. possibly. do anything. 

And this is good?

For me yes. Because it meant I had no guilt for lying inert on my bed mainlining Netflix. There was simply nothing else I could possibly do. That was good.

The bad is that I felt awful. 

Super awful. 

And sad. 

That was less than optimal. 

Let's get back to the good. I had an epiphany.

During the week of ill I did not (read: could not) work out. 

After that week, I was think resume schedule per normal. Get back on it! Get it! Win it! And then I thought... HOLD THE PHONE... I don't need to do that AND I don't want to!

So. I am not going to!

I am actually going to LISTEN to my body and HEAR that it is still recouping and pushing it IS NOT THE WAY.

You guys. Epiphany.

I have a choice here. 

Fitness and health are my jam, but I got a whole lifetime to move closer to my goals forcing me into a week where I don't really want to - for no real reason makes no sense. AND it could prolong how long it will take for me to get well so that also makes no sense.

So... consider. What do you have a choice in?