How important is your goal?

I am a HUGE fan of figuring out priorities.

When you know what is most important to you it is easier to focus your time and actually accomplish what you set out to achieve. We live in a very fast moving world and there is so much noise vying for our attention. It is easy to get distracted. For time to go by. For goals to not be met. 

When everything seems important, nothing gets done - or at least not well.

I recently read a post from A Life Less Bullshit called "What is your Actual #1 Priority?" and she nails it. I often coach people to think about their priorities, but it is easy to get off course. And reading this piece has helped me to refocus.

We live in a world FOMO and we want to say yes to all the things, but sometimes that doesn't make us more awesome. Sometimes it just dilutes us. 

In my life my health often floats to the top of my list. Sleep is one of the most important things for me to keep on track with this goal. Which means being in bed by 10pm. Which means I can't do a lot of the things I would like to do.

But, I know I am better on more sleep.

Because I think better. Because I have more patience. Because my skin looks better. Because I am able to make decisions more efficiently. Because I wake up WAY more awesome. And we like awesome. 

What can you say no to?



Smile (It's Magic)


I hate it when people tell me to smile.

Sometimes you just have resting face (may it be bitchy or not) and you just happen to be going through your day, walking to work, getting a coffee and someone shouts from the sidelines:  "AY! You dropped something!!!" dramatic pause "your smile..." 

Kill me. However...

They might be on to something.
Smiling is actually magic. 

That's right, pure magic. You can read it about here and more about it here.


Smiling is kinda like fake it till you make it. Just the act of painting a smile on your face sets off a whole bunch of cool stuff in your brain to actually make you think "whoa, I feel a bit better about this whole life thing" and acts to decrease stress. 

Added bonus, it appeals to other people in a genuine I'd like to get to know that safe looking person over there, kind of way. 

A while back and a few jobs ago I was none too pleased with my work situation. I felt like I was drowning and pretty stressed out. A co-worker came up to me and said "Don't let them take your smile." Those words stuck with me. 

Don't ever let 'em take your smile.

It is magic. 


Build a habit, change your life

I am a big fan of habits.  Small shifts for lasting change = my jam. Time goes by too fast and it is easy to get lost and not accomplish what you set out to do.

This is why a habit is a beautiful thing.

Once it is established it takes no willpower (a valuable resource) to complete.

The most impactful habit I built in 2013 was a practice around gratitude.  Gratitude is cool because it helps you look at the world differently.  I think it gives me space to be less reactive, to be able to handle stress better, and to enjoy life more.

All it took was a few minutes a day.

I put a journal and pen on my dresser right next to my bed.  Every night before I went to bed I wrote down 3 things I was grateful for - they could be big or small, general or specific, it didn't matter.  The point was that I did it, that I wrote it down, that I was consistent.  I liked doing it at night because even if I had a crappy day I could find something that went right like a beautiful sky - that I was breathing - my internet connection - anything really.

Try it out, see if you notice a change.  A habit doesn't need to be big to be effective, it just needs to be consistent.