The theory or everything

I slapped it on a sticky.

Sometimes you hear something and you are like, YES! YES THAT!

That exact thing happened to me mere moments ago.

Here's the set-up.

I was listening to a podcast called Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything and he was doing a piece with Paul Ford (the episode is called Backspace to the future - great name).


I am in my kitchen chopping some carrots and kale and just kinda listening and then Paul Ford says "I wanna hang out with cool people that are respectful to each other" and I AM LIKE HOLD THE PHONE (or in this case knife) THAT IS AMAZING! AND YES. JUST YES.

So I literally stopped what I was doing and jotted it down on a sticky note.

Because yeah. Yeah. That is exactly what I want.

No friends, this isn't revolutionary... 

But it is important.

Find people that care, that are curious, whose eye's light up when they see you - do that - and life will be pretty good.

That's it guys. You all rock.