brain function

Blueberries = Brainberries?

I have blueberries on my business cards.

The other day I was asked, "Why blueberries? They must means something to you."

And it is true, they do. 

#1: Blueberries are awesome for the brain. A moderate amount has been shown to help with memory, cognitive function, and motor-control. Pah-POW! 

#2: They are tasty. Great for a bit of sweetness, but without the crazy amounts of sugar. Add them to ANYTHING! I even put them in ground meat and spice it with cinnamon and allspice. YUM.

#3: They are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients.  PHYTONUTRIENTS (!) they are helpers to vitamins and minerals needed to run your body, without these helpers your body is unable to make some very necessary conversions. 

#4: Fiber. Blueberries pack a nice amount of fiber for their punch. 

#5: Benefits for the whole body. There is a ton of research going on about all the benefits of blueberries and the impact they might have on cancer, heart health, and diabetes

As with all food this is about balance and isn't a call to eat a crap ton of blueberries every day. Adding a moderate amount daily/weekly especially when they are in season would be a smart move.


Blueberries are rad and tasty, eat them.