It's Christmas Eve... How'd That Happen?

Time. It just keeps on moving.

I woke up today at the dark hour of 7am. Here in Michigan it is coldish and rainy. A pretty dreary day. Last year it was an ice storm and we had no power.

I will take this year. 

My sister and I got up early and headed out to my Michigan gym (Major League Fitness). It's a great gym, great community, great workouts. My sister Nicole and I have a routine.

My sister and I last Christmas. 

My sister and I last Christmas. 

We wake up.

We don't talk.

I make coffee.

She fills her water bottle.

We get into the car and then we talk.

It takes about 30 min to drive to the gym, we usually get caught behind a slow car (like really really slow) which makes us sigh.

Then we talk about how much we don't want to workout.

How we are scared of what the workout might be and we joke about not going, but we always go.

Then we get there. We stare at the workout. We sigh. And we do the workout. 

The fantabulous Christmas Eve workout - turns out 50 is a large number. 

The fantabulous Christmas Eve workout - turns out 50 is a large number. 

We drive home and talk about how happy we are that we went.

It's a good time.

I actually really treasure this time with my sister. There is something about spending time doing challenging physical work together that brings you closer.

Post workout today we went to the local grocery store. We needed to pick up some very important supplies for Christmas Day (aka extra champagne).

Champagne makes the holidays smoooooooothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Champagne makes the holidays smoooooooothhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As we were in the store I was looking at all the holiday treats and YOU GUYS I wanted so very very much to make a special Christmas Day deal with myself and have sugary amazing treats.

The cereal isle called to me and I looked longingly at Captain Crunch (they even had the JUST CRUNCH BERRIES CAPTAIN CRUNCH!!). Sigh.

It is REAL the hold that sugar has on my body and my imagination. My brain is like SO TASTEY, MUCH ENJOYMENT, EATTT! 

I think I would have caved if I hadn't written my post on sugar.

I find this interesting.

The temptation to stray is strong and there are certain things that I will be allowing myself (read: mimosas), but hardcore refined sugar, cookies, ice creams, treats, are not part of the plan. One year. One Christmas. No sugar treats. 

This post is really a shout out to intention

I kept saying "this year I am going to try not to eat the candy" and I realized that I was mentally creating a loophole.

Writing that post allowed me to harden my "try" into a "I will not".