Actually doing the work that needs to be done

It is super unsexy.

To do the work that needs to get done. We don't hate doing work - but - focusing on the task that actually needs to be completed can be the challenge. 

Maybe we want to do a badass muscle up, but do we have the strength, the mobility, the joint support required?

Working the muscle-up is sexy.

Doing serratus push-ups and warming up your rotator cuffs... might not seem as fun.

Working your body to the bone is pretty sexy.

Taking it easy. Resting. Recovery... less so.

Burning the candle at all the ends... sexy.

Prioritizing sleep? Nope.

The work that actually needs to be done to ACCOMPLISH GOALS rather than just chase them.

Isn't sexy, but it is necessary.



On paper. 

I have said it before and I will say it again (and probably again) but there is a beautiful simplicity in taking pen to paper.


I have a bar hanging above my doorway. I would like to spend time ON that bar hanging from it, doing lat pulls, practicing pull-ups etc.

Maybe... I will take action and do these things because the bar exists. Maybe.

There is only one way to ensure that I take action.

Writing it down.

I mentioned this technique on an earlier post on how I got to my first pull-ups. It is so simple.

So perfect.

So easy.

What do you say you want to do, but don't?

Have you tried writing it?