My No Refined Sugar Journey

I've been posting a lot about sugar. 

It's kind of a big deal.

We know that sugar isn't a great choice.

We know that donuts are not a super food.

We know that cookies are not the key to longevity. 

We know that candy isn't a vitamin. 

We know all these things, but if you pay attention to the marketing it is easy to forget.

It is January and there is already Easter Candy in the stores. Whoa capitalism! Take the reigns!

We normalize the overconsumption of sugar to the point where WHO knows what is normal. We measure ourselves by the people around us.

She is skinny and had two cookies... so I am practicing restraint by having my one - OR - well my signf. other eats a bowl of ice cream EVERY NIGHT and I only have a half a scoop every other night, so that's good - OR - you're right commercial on tv I SHOULD treat myself. 

We have awkward measuring sticks. 

This year was the first year I stayed off all refined sugar for the holidays. No sugar, no flour, no chips, no corn tortillas, no candy, no baked goods. I did still have wine... and I also wrapped some dates in bacon (my specialty). 

This is a big deal for me usually going home to Michigan AND holiday season means the ULTIMATE CHEAT MEAL STREAK! Pockets full of Peanut M&Ms, Peanut Butter M&Ms, AND! Reese's pieces (seriously, I put them in my pockets for easy snacking access, great combo). SO GOOD. SOO BAD. I wrote more about that in my first post "SUGAR, SUGAR, SUUUUGARRRRRRRR | PART 1".

So the question = how'd it go? 

The answer = really well.

I did have moments of gazing longingly at things I could not have, but then the moment passed something else happened and I forgot. 

The hardest time I have is when someone ELSE thinks I should be eating a treat and THEY feel put out by me NOT doing it.

This doesn't happen too often, but it does happen.

I was at my Uncle's house and he ALWAYS has candy out and about. My sisters and I were doing a quick visit and my Aunt and Uncle always like to have something out for you to nibble on (very hospitable). Unfortunately, all of the things out were not things I could eat - now this was okay - because after his house the plan was to make dinner BUT my Uncle really felt like I should be eating something.

He gestured.

And then he gestured again.

And again.

These types of situations are the tough. You want to do the socially normal thing. You want the person to know you appreciate their efforts, but this time my health was the priority.

Eventually he stopped gesturing, but as we were leaving he said "well I hope you are eating", I reassured him I eat plenty, and then he told me he was proud of me (which was nice). 

Social situations are no joke.

The one thing that I think has been THE MOST beneficial during this time is the mindset of SUGAR IS NOT A CHOICE. 

I am currently one week away from four months of eating this way and I am toying with the idea of keeping with it for all of 2015.

That seems huge.

I might keep that goal to myself... we shall see.