Give thanks.

I love me some gratitude and turkey.

So today is pretty much a win.

Gratitude is the best. It helps calm your soul when you can appreciate what you have rather than reflect on what you want.

When I feel unsettled in life I often think "QUICK ANNETTE! WHAT'S GOOD?!" and I list in my brain some rad moments, it calms me down and I feel... I feel good about living life.

Today I am grateful for SO MANY OF MY FRIENDS. I have had so many HONEST and supportive conversations recently - it has been inspiring.

I am grateful for the changing leaves.

I am grateful for sitting here and writing this while sipping coffee.

I am grateful to you reading my words.

I am grateful for podcasts.

I am grateful for MEAT MEAT MEAT.

I am grateful for bacon and the magical way it can make kale taste. 

I am grateful for FaceTime and the ability to call my parents on it.

I am grateful for the friends I made years ago in the Netherlands.

I am grateful for complex relationships.

Gosh. I could go on... and actually I think I will, but not here in this post. I think I will write my thanks out to exhaustion and send some notes to friends.

What are you thankful for?