Gluten Free

If the box says "gluten-free" it must be good!


I mean, right?

Well no.

What I truly, TRULY, believe in - is REAL food. The jury is out on whether or not "gluten intolerance" is a thing, it might not be the gluten after all! But what IS true is that refined carbs tend to be fairly terrible for most people. (Celiac is legit, no questions there.)

And the items you see in the store that are marked "gluten-free" are REFINED CARBS TO THE MAX!

It is kind of like Snackwells.

Remember Snackwells? NO FAT! Must be good! I'll just eat twenty. 

All that sugar! All that processed food! You blood sugar sky rockets and you aren't getting anything your body can use by way of nutrition.

Your body needs nutrients to do all the crazy and amazing stuff you do every day! Your BRAIN needs fat to operate. You need real food to operate properly and essentially kick ass at life.