Mindset is a jerk

Your brain is your best and worst friend. 

Thoughts are tricky things. 

What I see over and over is misguided motivation. A "motivation" that is fueled from self loathing. 

The interior dialogue that goes something like "If you don't do this you are lazy".

"If you don't go on your run today you are terrible."

"If you don't hit up yoga you are worthless."

Or the track playing might be something more like "You are so fat and ugly you don't deserve that piece of cake."

Or "What is wrong with you why can't you stick to anything?!"

Or "You just ate that whole bag of tortilla chips you have no self control!"

Or something else where you relate an action to your worth.

It's exhausting.

And painful. You are building an extremely rigid relationship with yourself and the activity that is bound to break. 

So what do you do? 

You start to pause.

Every time you notice yourself in a pattern of limitation.

Take a moment and pause. 

Does this belief or thought serve you? 

Does it open or constrict your body?

Ask yourself.

And then ask yourself -

What is something that you like about yourself? What goal are you trying to achieve and why? What kind of life do you want to lead?

The act of pausing pulls us out of the automatic reaction and allows us to be present and proactive. 

Believe you can change. 

Bring in self-compassion which allows for elasticity and sustainability when it comes to achieving actual lifestyle change.

Permanent results.