Welcome to the first of December

I remember being a kid and LOVING an advent calendar. 

My mom had several, one was this big puffy tree thing that I got to put ornaments on each day. 

I loved counting down the days. LOVED IT. 

This morning I thought about how this month is unique in the way that most of us count down the days together. This month can be somewhat of a ticking time bomb. There are a lot of expectations built into the holidays. Lots of warm fuzzy commercials that we all might aspire to realize. 

And through that aspiration we might get stressed, short, and caught in trying to make something... something more. And then we miss out on what actually is, what is here, what is now.

At the beginning of each month I take a moment to write down three goals for the month on a sticky note (I love a sticky). One of them was just to remain present. 

What are your goals for this holiday-infused month?