low carb

Food for the BRAIN

I remember one of my first jobs in Seattle -

I worked at a Tully's slinging coffee to the masses. One of my regulars was a Personal Trainer. She would always order an 8 oz Americano and we'd chat while I pushed buttons and pulled shots. The Atkin's Diet was back on the scene and we'd gotten to talking about the low-carb approach. I didn't know much about the diet, but scoffed at it on principle. I remember her saying, "Your brain needs carbs!" Yeah carbs! I agreed sticking staunchly to my eye-rolly disdain of anything low-carb. 

I had a lot of fervor regarding something that I knew little about. I should also mention that while my mind was screaming Atkin's = UNHEALTHY I had probably eaten half a bear claw and many many ounces of coffee and soy milk (because, you know, soy is healthy) and white chocolate flavor (because, you know, white chocolate flavor is... white chocolate). Point being - what leg was I standing on to judge anything? Answer: None. 

It is easy to get swept up in what is "healthy" vs. "not healthy". It is super easy to debate these viewpoints passionately with other people that will also debate them passionately, but what have you actually tried?

That is where everything gets interesting. 

In my last post I talked about what comes first the belief or the shifting of behavior. The answer for me was both.

I had to get to the point where I could begin to consider that carbs were not as necessary as I thought. Where I could look at Atkin's and other methodologies on the market objectively and where I could begin to experiment and try out different ideas, different plans, different thoughts and see what fit me.

That point came from me beginning to question everything. 

I had always been raised that LOW-FAT was the way. Carbs shmarbs HOW MANY GRAMS OF FAT DOES THAT HAVE? I didn't care how many chemicals a thing contained as long as those chemicals magically rendered the thing I was consuming fat free. And you know what? I was always hungry. See: here

And this threw the whole system out of whack. 

So... IF LOW-FAT was "the way" - then why wasn't I seeing success? 

I had a lot to learn, eventually I found out eating carbs causes you to crave more carbs. EATING FAT is actually what is needed for brain function. So I started to eat fat. And I started to eat protein.

And I started to get results.