Hey, what're you doing? Stop. Breathe. 

You guys. 

It is so important to take a moment and just stop. Look around. Be aware. Where are you, what's around you, how do you feel?

We move so fast through everything.

Do this, then that, then that, and what am I having for dinner tonight... do I need to stop at the store? Wait no I don't, but right when I get home I'm going to have to take out the meat and SHOOT I DO NEED TO STOP I don't have any salt, shoot! Oh and I need to send that email... and... oh wait... it's the 2nd I need to pay rent!

Whoa. So many thoughts. Lists. To-dos. All the time. It is easy to bubble up and not take in what's around and this is OK, but do you know how magical it is to just pause?

Stop for a second. Settle your brain. Breathe in and look around.

Disconnect from all the shoulds, needs, have tos, and did Is - and just appreciate the present moment for the space of a breathe.



It is like the most awesome, lightweight, impactful, meditation you can do.