3 Ways to Make your Morning More Awesome

You know what you need? More morning awesome. 

And lucky for you, I am here to give it to you.

Now, I love mornings. It is the time I feel freshest and light with the possibilities of the day. This is the feeling I'd like to give to you. Here is my short list of tips:

Tip #1 - Give yourself a Hi-Five

That's right. A self hi-five (a personal fav). Simply think "Hey, Self, today is going to be rad." And hi-five your other hand. Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? Yes.

Try it.

Tip #2 - Positivity (whether you believe it or not)

Trick your brain. Whether you are having a rough go of it or loving life, starting your day with the intention of positivity will be a miracle sauce for the foundation of your day. 

Think to yourself "I love my life" or "Man! There are so many possibilities for today!" Again, whether or not you believe it NO MATTER it has the potential to put a bit of spring in your step.

Tip #3 - Smile

We are going to trick the brain AGAIN. Smiling has a physiological impact on the body. It actually signals that things are pretty great and triggers pleasure receptors in the body. Who doesn't want to trigger those?

Mornings can be tough, but infusing them with a bit of levity can help to bring some awesome into your day.

BAM! I am awake - now what?

Your alarm is sounding. 

Buzz, buzz, vibrate, or some melodic piece of music. Whatever you choose picture it in your mind. You are lying cozy in bed, warm, peaceful, and BAM alarm. 

What do you do next? Let's pretend we made it past all the snoozes (if you are snooze inclined) you are ACTUALLY getting up from your bed.

What do you do first?

What are your first thoughts?

Do you grab your phone and run through your email? Facebook? Instagram? 

Do you jump up and run to make coffee? To put on your clothes? To make it out the door?

What would happen if you gave yourself a moment in the morning? To set your mind. To take a deep breath. To choose your day instead of letting it run you.