Because you can, is sometimes the only reason you need

I love it when people create with no agenda.

When you create because you can.

Because it makes you happy. 

Because you are just creating. 

I was listening to the Invisibilia podcast on NPR. The hosts were talking about how they'd gone through a lot of names while figuring out what they would call their podcast. One of the names they debated was "Inside Out" (listen here).

Which sounds a bit like the name of a kid's show. A colleague of theirs overheard the discussion and could hear the jingle to the non-existent show in his head.

And so - he created it.

For no purpose, no profit, or grand plan. Just because he could and he wanted to, he invested his time and created.


It is part of the reason I added cheesy graphics to this video.

Sometimes you just got to do because you can.

I love the freedom of just producing because the act of CREATING is the magic.