Need a shot?

Have you ever gotten nutrients pumped into your blood? 

No? Maybe?

What am I talking about?

Ok, if you don't like needles this may not be for you. But for the rest of you folk, have I got a treat for you! 

Now a needle might not feel treat-like, but your body... oh man your body, will be SO HAPPY.

A little while back (let's call it October) I headed over to Bella Fiore Klinik located in Upper Queen Anne. I was there for a couple reasons one was to check out my allergies and the other was to grab a shot at the shot bar

Let's talk about allergy testing first. 

The test I took measured IgG (Immunoglobulin G). IgG is an antibody and if you have a ton of antibodies in response to a certain type of food, you are definitely having a reaction to that food.  

When your body is in allergic state it is just reacting. It's like GUYS something in here IS NOT RIGHT! And the immune system gets the call to DEFEND THE BODY!

In the long term this is not good for the body. It adds to stress and can lead to chronic stress which means that the body cannot function properly aka bad news bears.

You take the taste by, as Dr. Heiger (who is rad) explained it,"finger painting with your blood".

SOUNDS FUN, RIGHT! Well, actually it kind of is, pin pricking your finger tip(s) is fairly painless and who doesn't love finger painting?

So my test. At the time I took it I was following a pretty strict eating plan. Pretty much only meat and veggies and within meat and veggies only certain veggies. This could affect results. I hadn't eaten wheat in at least six months, which means there is no wheat in my system for the antibodies to react to - HOWEVER - I might still have a problem with wheat. 

Make sense?

Not surprisingly wheat did not show up. What did was EGGS and in a pretty big way. Both regular and duck. Both to the white and the yolk. 

Sad, yes, but good to know because I can now make an informed decision rather than guessing. 

When your body isn't functioning well or is still healing (read: me) you might be reactive to foods you are not actually allergic to. As you heal your body can often handle you reintroducing foods that might initially have caused an allergic reaction. 

Meaning that maybe one day eggs and I can be reunited. 

Now. The shot.

Bella Fiore has a pretty awesome "Shot Bar" not the kind you drink, but the kind that are literally made of nutrients and shot directly into your bloodstream via a needle.  This is excellent because it bypasses the digestive tract which means you actually the absorb the nutrients without having to worry if they got processed through digestion or not. 

Want to try the Vitality Enhancer, how bout the Über Boost, or maybe you are more interested in the Shot of Bliss?

I went with the Liquid Zen which promised to help me "zen out" and I wasn't sorry. 

See more about the Shot Bar and prices here.

Check out more about Bella Fiore Klinik here.

The Downward Cell Spiral

Why does nutrition matter?

Sure. I know chips aren't the best. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know that processed food isn't ideal. But c'mon I am living a life. I work out most days. I don't drink soda. So that's good right? 

I am all for people enjoying their lives, but do you know why nutrition is so important?

It is how you feed your body. 

And, your body is made up of cells.

You are feeding the cells, which make up the tissues, which make up the organs, which make up systems, which make up you.

Your cells NEED certain nutrients to FUNCTION

This is why what you eat IS so important, let me take you on a journey...

First up we have up we have:

  • Nutrient Deficiency - which means you are not getting enough vitamins, minerals, aka nutrients for your body

Next we have:

  • Cellular Inefficiency - so without these nutrients our cell energy is diminished

And you know, this doesn't sound SO bad, but then: 

  • Organ Inefficiency - begins to occur. This looks like mal-digestion, malabsorption, decreased circulation, lack of detoxification, lack of vitality

Okay so the wheels are beginning to go, but WAIT, there's more!

  • Detoxification Impairment - cells go from lacking energy to full on fatigue which means repair and rebuilding capacity is reduced

And then:

  • Further Organ Distress - the full system of the organ (aka heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, etc.) loses it's innate understanding of how to function (That sounds bad)

Yikes, sounds like buckets of no fun, next:

  • Inability to repair and rebuild - overall degeneration from the inside out :(

Which leads to:

  • Organ & System Dysfunction - just taking it up a notch, the internal systems are having a lot of trouble performing

And now you the human begin to notice:

  • Subclinical Systems - you begin to notice symptoms, but they are subclinical meaning they are not something that would get you a diagnosis, you might just consider them an annoyance. But, man, some serious ish is happening

And finally we take you to:

  • Disease - cellular, organ, system, and organism (which is you) breakdown and now we perk up and now we notice

This ALL starts from nutrition, which is why I find nutrition fascinating and which is why it is TRULY the foundation of what creates you.