Ay! Look up there at my Menu Bar!

I am taking clients! I know you are excited.

I just added a FREE CONSULTATION page to my site, get to it by looking up at the menu or clicking here (so many options).

The cool thing is I added in an Appointlet integration which allows you to schedule RIGHT ON MY CALENDAR (be amazed). 

I am right in the THICK of my Nutritional Therapy Training course and have just completed my client evaluation module. I learned how to give people a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire which is pretty rad. It helps to pinpoint what is going sideways with different body systems and focusing efforts on what is the highest priority for YOU.

And it is all about you.

I am combining this new skill with my already impressive mass of knowledge in HEALTH. NUTRITION, and SPECIAL DIETS (oh jeez, I know so much about special diets). To be a lethal healing machine! That's right LETHAL HEALING.

So the doors are open. I am ready to work and for you!