But, do you actually want to change?

And the year begins anew. 

A lot of us use this time to be a bit introspective, do a bit of reflection, and then think into the future. 

What did you accomplish last year?

What did you WANT to accomplish last year?

What do you hope to do THIS year?

We all have goals.

You may not be the kind of person who makes resolutions, but I bet you have simple hopes and dreams... like staying healthy or successfully making it through the day. 

So my question to you is do you want to change?

You might say, "Yes, Annette, I want to change. I'd like to have more energy, I'd like to loose 10 pounds, I'd like to think better, I'd like to be happier, I want to run more."

And I would say to you - do you believe you can change?

Having the want to change is one thing - but - believing you CAN change is the magic.

Sit down and think about it, what do you truly believe about yourself?

Then, what do you need to do to prioritize the thing you want to change? 

And start