sticky notes

What do I need to do right now?

I was listening to the On Being podcast and heard a great quote.

It came from a really awesome sounding man named Parker Palmer, he'd gotten some of it from elsewhere, but that is besides the point (listen to the full talk here).

The point is that when I heard I was like OH MAN STICKY NOTE I NEED YOU! So I grabbed one and wrote the line down.

What do I need to do right now to water the root of inner wisdom to make work fruitful?
— Parker Palmer from On Being Talk


I love it. 

It shifts the question that I am used to asking aka "what is most important thing I should focus on right now" to something more profound. 

It takes away the edge of I NEED TO BE PRODUCTIVE AND EFFICIENT and allows for a more creative answer.

Spelled fruitful wrong. Classic me.

Spelled fruitful wrong. Classic me.

Sometimes being "unproductive" for a hot second or two can actually make your work better aka "more fruitful".

I slapped it on a sticky.

Sometimes you hear something and you are like, YES! YES THAT!

That exact thing happened to me mere moments ago.

Here's the set-up.

I was listening to a podcast called Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything and he was doing a piece with Paul Ford (the episode is called Backspace to the future - great name).


I am in my kitchen chopping some carrots and kale and just kinda listening and then Paul Ford says "I wanna hang out with cool people that are respectful to each other" and I AM LIKE HOLD THE PHONE (or in this case knife) THAT IS AMAZING! AND YES. JUST YES.

So I literally stopped what I was doing and jotted it down on a sticky note.

Because yeah. Yeah. That is exactly what I want.

No friends, this isn't revolutionary... 

But it is important.

Find people that care, that are curious, whose eye's light up when they see you - do that - and life will be pretty good.

That's it guys. You all rock.