Plantains (are magic)

Plantains (are magic)

Plantains are amazing. This is something I have known for a LONG TIME, but even knowing this true fact - I NEVER PURCHASED A PLANTAIN MYSELF.

I finally did and I cannot believe it took me so long. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Which is why friends I encourage you - no - I challenge you - to buy your very own plantain this week and cook it... see what happens.

We are built to survive.

Human beings are super resilient. 

It is somewhat incredible the amount of shiz we can do to ourselves and still be breathing. When I first moved to Seattle I was walking down the street talking to my Mom on the phone and this woman approached me asking for money. She had a very whiney, desperate sounding voice... if you live in Seattle you might have been propositioned by her yourself. Anywho.

I was on the phone with my Mom, so I did my best to avoid her and she turned from desperate to feisty and aggressive in under a second. My Mom overheard her and was questioning my move to Seattle. 

The point is that now ELEVEN YEARS LATER (!!) I still see that woman. She is still alive and kicking. I cannot imagine her life has been super cushy, but somehow her body keeps ticking and she keeps roaming the streets. Amazing.

We are meant to survive, but how do we thrive?

I heard a quote the other day that I wanted to share "survival is a constant struggle, and some people confuse it with living."

AHHHhhh...hhhhhaaahhhhh! So. True.

How do we push beyond surviving and fully engage with living?

From a nutritional perspective lets take a look at recommended doses for vitamins and minerals.

You are all somewhat familiar with RDA yeah? Recommended daily allowance. Have you ever questioned what it is based on? Recommended for who? And HOW is it that EVERYONE can have the SAME recommendation? Do you think a 6 foot 4 inch 250lb man would need the same allowance as a 4 foot 6 inch 125lb woman? 

The answer is no. 

Not only do people need different amounts of nutrients, but people absorb these nutrients differently. 

And the recommended allowance is just a starting point. It is what we need to SURVIVE not what we need to THRIVE.

You are what you eat. 

Every cell in your body is nourished off of what you put in your mouth and you NEED a certain amount of food to keep it going, but you need a certain quality of food to keep it running WELL.

It is like a car.

What would happen if you took the oil in a deep fryer and put it in your engine? Not good things. Your car would probably run for a bit with the crappy oil in it, but then it would die a sad death.

You can keep running for a bit with not awesome choices, but you might start noticing some symptoms... and then you might notice those symptoms increasing. Until something goes so wrong it is unavoidable to do anything but seek out help.

Think about it. 

What does living mean to you?