Like most people in this industry my journey to here has come through healing myself.

I had A LOT of my own problems first. MAN. How I felt five years ago, ten years ago, even fifteen years ago compared to now. Incredible.

The thing was I didn't really pay attention.

I mean. I wanted to lose weight... pretty much my whole life. But I didn't connect extra weight to how I was feeling.

I didn't connect it to what my face was doing.

To how my energy lagged. 

To how my brain felt foggy.

I didn't think about nourishing my body.

I only thought HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT NOW?!

Which, my friends, was not through mindfulness and healthy choices. 

This was a painful time in my life. I was gaining weight, my face was a nightmare, I felt tired, bloated irritable. I really wasn't enjoying life, well, unless I had a glass of wine (or five). I was numbing myself from being myself. It wasn't living. What shook me out of it was a few different things. The most impactful was an esthetician who I had gone to see, she asked the question "Annette, have you ever thought that your face might be like this because of an allergy?"

Um. No. I hadn't because a long time ago when I was 13 my very first dermatologist had told me what I put in my mouth has nothing to do with what happens on my face. And, like a child does, I believed what the adult (doctor) said and never thought to question it. Lesson: Question everything if you are not getting the results you want. 

I am CrossFit Level 1 trained and have completed the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer Course. Nutrition is my jam. I have attended nutrition seminars by Matt LaLonde, Chris Kresser, Daniel Kalish, and Robb Wolf. I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

When people are connected to their bodies so much magic can happen.