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"I really have enjoyed working with Annette.  She has a passion for her craft.  Having traveled the ever changing road of balance and good nutrition, Annette brings her personal journey into her practice in a way that you feel that she's known you all along.  Annette is always learning, always seeking to understand and to share that knowledge so that we can all strike that balance of eating for life.   I have learned new healthy habits and better understand my body and its needs thanks to Annette's counsel.  What I love best is that there is no "right" answer and she is patient with me in discovering what will work best for me and my body.   Her ability to listen and guide gently is her strength and makes me passionate about good health." - Diane L.

"In a world of fad diets and exercise trends, Annette gets to the core of what motivates people to seek healthier life choices and helps them to take realistic, achievable steps in the right direction. Her extensive knowledge of how the body functions makes her incredibly well-equipped to answer all my questions, from the silliest to the most complex. Her positive attitude and energy are infectious and her passion for living well keeps me excited and energized. She relates to me on a personal level and tailors her advice to what she thinks will work best for me. There are no canned responses and no false guarantees, just advice that Annette genuinely believes will make a difference." - Allison B.

"Annette’s stair step approach on healthy living was truly amazing.  Her insight on how the body works and why we need to do certain things changed the way I view food and my body.  It’s so easy to get into a spiral of self-criticism, but Annette offers and safe and open environment to talk and learn about self-improvement; her empathy and non-judgmental view was a breath of fresh air. 

I, like many people, have tried time and again to be “healthy” but low and behold I had an extremely distorted view of what healthy means.  We started small in discussing breakfast – most important meal of the day right?  But when to eat, what to eat and how to eat.  Who knew I didn’t know “how” to eat to help my body? ME!  I have worked with Annette for over a year; because of Annette’s guidance and recommendations I’m significantlyhappier, healthier and leaner.     

As I continue on my health journey I’ll seek out her guidance and knowledge! I would highly recommend Annette to anyone looking to live and healthier lifestyle!" - Katie M.

"I initially met Annette Auger in 2010 in a medical setting, but shortly began to realize that we are working together to achieve better state of health. Annette struck me with her vast knowledge of her body, her behavior and choices and her awareness. I was pleased to join with her and assist her in achieving the kind of health that she was aspiring to have. It was an easy collaboration as Annette has a very strong will and determination, sober mind and kind heart. Over the years we have worked together in aligning the body with better internal health and physical body wellness. Working on sharpening the skills of self-care, attention and attunement and most importantly execution. With our work together I have come to know a very smart and knowledgeable young woman. But I think what I admire most about Annette is her passion and resilience and desire to contribute to the wellness and health of her community.

Over the years while Annette was exploring different elements of body movement, strength and how to support self through diet and daily practice, she has grown a lot. I value the work that Annette has done and is doing, because it is through her experience and education she is able to help others. Annette has referred a number of patients to me during the years, and she has done so very skillfully. I feel fortunate to have a colleague that works within wellness education that I can rely on as well to take care of my patients and their needs."  - Maria P. LAc., Ageless Acupuncture LLC